Tuesday, September 6, 2011

uh oh (updated)

Good thing I hadn't seen this before.

or this
Found on google from ifish.net

I think I'd rather have 1 stand of ungulate riders in a fantasy army than a whole unit of experimental Elk riders in a VSF 19thC American army. (Although there is that shock factor....)

and since I had to fix the picture links, how about this page with multple pictures of  draught Moose? Now where did I put that spare chariot.......


  1. Pics not downloading - or is it just my interwebnet connection?

  2. Thanks gents. No idea what the problem was but I have now copied the images instead of linking.

  3. Ross

    If the link works, here's a BBC news report with video of domesticated meese (no it's not the correct plural, but it should be)



  4. I read that elks were ridden in Scandinavia during the Middle-Ages (and that the practice was officially forbidden, since on difficult terrain they moved faster than the tax collectors' horses). In an Osprey MMA?

  5. Hi Ross

    Overall I like what you are doing with HoTT. One thing I looked for but didn't see in the People of the Forest Army was Bunny Cavalry. Or are you saving the rabbit pen for the Stronghold?


  6. Now you'll have to recruit a unit of Caribouniers.


  7. Peter, that Moose milk looks nothing like the Moose milk we used to mix up when I was in HM's Canadian navy!

    Dave, If I can a Pookie (he was a white rabbit with red wings) then maybe I can add some much needed Hare Support.

    Tony, Caribouniers? Oh deer!

  8. That's better - I can see them now! I have a couple pf plastic reindeer I bought to make my WW2 Finns feel at home. Such things are sold as Christmas cake decorations, so should be in the shops soon!

  9. I don't you should worry about it old stick. If you played French you would have a lot more to worry about, no Mooseketeers or Horse Grenadeers for you!

  10. Ouch! At this rate I'll become known as MacFarlane of that Elk!