Thursday, September 1, 2011

Recalled to Life! Its like magic!

Minifig S range hand gunners with a Hinchliffe gun and crew. Painted c 1976.

If I hadn't already pulled some of these figures out, I probably would have put HOTT out of my mind for now but since there they were, I figured I might as well get them organized. Then of course, I figured I might as well base them before I forgot what I was planning.......

Minifig & Heritage Knights (c1976) with Revenge men-at-arms behind them (c1996)
Battle hardened mercenaries I think.

Since the figures that were out consisted of various medieval human types, and without having a context, I started with the  assumption that this was a "good" army despite the profusion of hand guns and cannon. One of the groups temporarily stumped me though, a nobleman in his robes with an entourage with torch bearers and herald. This was originally painted c 1976 partly as a representation of a retired D&D character, and partly in homage to the Black Arrow.

What could his role be? At first I thought perhaps his slightly clerical nature might allow him to stand as a Cleric (sic)  but he just wouldn't look right in the battle line in silks and ermines. It then occured to me that he might be more of a Merchant, a true "Wizard of the Accounts". Not only a merchant, but a wealthy Magistrate, effective ruler of a City of Merchants.

Ahhh, now this was starting to come together. Suddenly a world starts to emerge from the Mists of the Mind. One land, four people.

  • The Men of the City (fire) enamored of gold, order and all material things and who seek to own control or consume all, 
  • The People of the Forest (earth), men of imagination, freedom and magic, living in harmony with nature,
  • The Clans of the Mountains (sky), sturdy men who stick together, farmers and herders who bow down to none  but seek to bend nature to their service,
  • The Sea Pirates (water), men who roam the seas, calling on their gods and heroes and seeking to live off the wealth of others.

Magistrate Robert, The Doge of Mount Regal.

By now the army already had more than enough points for a basic army and thus scope for flexibility on troop choice, but there were still a few figures that I wanted in this army and I had an uneven point total due to the artillery piece. What I wanted was a mob or rather "horde" of citizen's   but I had nothing suitable to hand. I did have some pillagers and so a stand of Lurker's was added. Last but not least were the dismounted equivalent of the Minifig WotR knights. These could easily be used as a Blade alternative to a stand of Knights but I still had the Clerical thought in my mind. These aren;t exactly compatible with a Wizard General but they could be a useful alternative. Since the Doge uses the magic of money to influence and distract troops, perhaps auditors who can keep accounts on the straight and narrow would be a natural counter-balance. Thus was born the Society of Auditors led by the Auditor-General.

  Minifg Knights (c 1976) and Revenge Looters (c 1996)

The first army stands ready. Well, almost ready,  I put them all on new bases for consistency but only painted them brown for now. I am toying with the idea of doing the bases as flag stones or cobblestones even though any actual fighting would usually take place on the fields outside the city.

The list then consists of 1 Wizard (the Doge) or 1 Cleric (The Accountant General), 2 knights, 2 riders, 4 shooters, 3 blades, 1 artillery, 1 lurker. A total of 33 points to choose from. Normally either the Doge or the Auditor General will be fielded, not both and normally one or the other must be in charge.

The City Militia. Citadel (possibly?) Halbardiers behind (c1982) with Revenge archers (c 1996)  

Now which army is next? The men of the Mountains will come from my Scots, the Sea from the 6thC Saxon-Irish mercenaries/pirates from my Dark Age armies long with some Prince August figures. The folk from the woods will no doubt have a Celtic air about them but I do have some bears and things around here somewhere. Oh and look, a character I bought about 25 years ago and haven't yet painted, someone very powerful but you don't know when or if he will come or how long he will stay, or even WHO he really is. Sounds like a DBA God to me, although I suppose one could argue for an Aerial magician except that he's not given to harming people but can turn the tables and get by anyone so perhaps  just a Sneaker.

Source material from the back of the closet. Would Saxon or Viking raiders made an alliance with the Dalaks?


  1. "Exterminate! Exterminate!" Sorry, Ross. Couldn't let that one go by.

    Best Regards,


  2. Who's that fellow riding the moose? (Looks like a Hero to me...)

  3. Don't worry Stokes, Leela will protect the Doctor.

  4. Ross Mac,

    It is nice to see some older figures getting a new lease of life!

    I also like the sound of the back-story you have put together to create scenarios for your HoTT battles; it is not too fantastical.

    All the best,


  5. Ah, the fellow on the caribou, once, long ago, in a different age and a different land, in the days of Queen Johanna of Valdur, he was her General. He had a name then, just like he had a name, Alexander Nevsky, when he was born. Now it is time for a new name. But yes a Hero I think.

  6. One of the things I like about the "Hordes of the Things" rules is that they seem to stimulate the imagination . . . and find a use for a lot of "odd" figures.

    Have fun, Sir Ross!

    -- Jeff

    PS, I really like the guy on the moose too.

  7. Interesting background.
    I also like the idea of bringing out old and odd figures and having some fun with them. I was actually having another read through of the copy of HOTT I bought some time ago. I have plenty of old fantasy figures and others that I could turn into HOTT armies. And HOTT armies are small enough to make for fun side projects.

  8. Bob, Jeff, Fitz-B, Yes I'm quite enjoying the exercise for my imagination and it is good to see the old figures have a place and purpose. Even if I never play a game with these armies, I'm happier that the figures have a place rather than been excess baggage. (esp the ones I tried to sell on ebay and didn't!)

  9. I just noticed that there is a free version of the HotT rules online in .pdf format:

    So if anyone needs a copy, there it is . . . and if you only have the 1st edition of the rules (not the 2002 second edition) it is worth downloading these for the many situation diagrams at the end of the 2nd edition.

    -- Jeff

  10. Excellent - good to see that these old chaps are in gainful employment again.

  11. Ross,

    A suggestion for for naming the guy on the Moose: Sir Bullwinkle. The guys on the other side of the Pond may not get the reference, though.

    (And if YOU don't, for shame man, for shame!)

    Best regards,


  12. "Nothing up my sleeve". Of course he isn't the the Moose, he's riding it, so perhaps Sir Rocky.

  13. Now you will need a Boris and a Natasha on the other side, of course . . . and perhaps Sir Rocky is riding a moose named "Squirrel", eh?

    -- Jeff