Saturday, March 23, 2019

All I Ask is a Tall Ship

And a hex to steer her by.

I'd hoped to have the two carts on my painting table done but the drivers aren't quite finished.

So instead, here are some gratuitous shots of Thursday's game at Ron's. Nothing like having to beat to windward through a narrow channel to reach open sea to face a stronger English fleet.

It was an interesting and fun game but we ran out of time not long after we got to grips. Next time we're going to count each hex as 2".


  1. Hi ROSS- good to see you and Ron getting into some Nautical Gaming- that IS always fun - the ships look good- quite a collection there. Cheers. KEV.

  2. Lovely sized engagement, looks great on the Kallsitra. I have recently bought a boxed boardgame on Napoleonic sail, plus the supplement that covers AWI. I have not read the rules so can't comment, but they are uber easy, perhaps too much for a keen naval gamer. Anyway I mention them in case they interest you as they are hex based rules. At the link below, there is a description of the game, but on that page is an addendum button, that will show you something of the nature of the game and it has a nice arc of fire diagram.


    1. We're just getting to really getting the hang of this game, but I'll keep that in mind in case the attraction fades before we're off onto something else.

  3. Looks great, lovely ships and terrain elements, beautiful looking game...

  4. Looks like fun Ross. What were the rules you used?

  5. Something or Other by Osprey converted to a hex grid.