Saturday, October 12, 2019

Cum'on Ye Bunch of Sissies

The cattle are long gone and the Scots rearguard have given the English cavalry a bloody

...why are they still hanging around taunting the English and their mercenaries to come on?

Stay tuned!


  1. Having lived in Scotland for nearly three years I think I know why - mostly it's to do with whisky!

  2. Nice pics! Your canvas or tarp table covering draped over hills always looks good, and the little vignettes with the cow and calf and the dancing lass look good, too.

    1. I do like the OS cloth over hills look but only works for multi bases or plastic on large bases. Lass? Oh dear it seems that the fake beard didn't work as well as hoped.

  3. Because they have to finish the traditional dance of the Barm Pot?

  4. You probably are aware that cattle raiding is referred to as "duffing" in Australia. MacDuff is a nice play on words my friend.