Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Final Hours!

Its looking like Tricornes are more fashionable than Kepis, Slouchhats and Shakos but there are a few hours left to go before the poll closes.

Testing the improved Union Brigade & Regiment markings. The 1st Brigade's Red Patch is more visible and distinct now that the regimental white Roman numerals have been removed yet the placement of the colour bar still clearly identifies these as the 1st and 3rd regiments in the 1st Brigade and look, there's their Brigadier behind them and the 3 figure Corps commander stand behind him. (The 2 figure Division Commander is just out of the frame) 
(Of course for narrative purposes I'd like to have a roster giving the Number, State and any unit nickname of each regiment but let me get the practical stuff done first.)  

Now back to the ACW, yesterday I finally realized that the main issue was that the smaller and simpler the ACW rules got, the more the games felt the same as several other games. I also remembered that each "period" was supposed to give me a noticeably different gaming feel. The ACW has been assigned the job of filling the 90's style multi-stand (or element) type of game and that a medium sized game was intended to take at least 3-4 hours if not 6.  A shorter game could be played by fielding smaller forces.

One of the biggest issues I had experienced was the tedium of sorting the troops and then keeping them organized on table. A large part of this was due to my not having finished marking the stands to clearly to make it easier to identify which stand was part of which unit and which unit was part of which brigade. (Amazing how similar many ACW units can look, especially when painted from the same set of figures!)

However, the other issue was that I had started removing all the bits that made this (ACW) game different from my other games. The ACW game had become blander but still wasn't quick and easy due to the size and number of units each of stands which kwt wandering off.  It used to be that the details and the complexity of the interactions that made the games interesting despite the length, even if I had to just play a few turns at a time. All that was really lacking was the administrative preparation.

So, I took a few minutes to scribble down a simplified version of the old QRS then I took a few more to prototype some improved administrative aide ideas to help with setup, take down, and game play. With that done I reset the table and played turn 1. So far, its looking good but time was up so Turn 2 will have to wait until tomorrow! 
At last, troops who are light enough that magnetic sheeting will hold them. on a movement tray, even being hit by artillery hasn't dislodged any stands. I'm not sure I need the base though even if it does give me a place to add unit info and stats should I wish to. Still under consideration as a future step. I hate to colour code the Rebs in Federal fashion but it would be damned convenient. Maybe I can do something with mini-battle flags on the edge of the base.

Poll results will be released tomorrow along with the runners up who'll get a game each and a few suggestions of what the mini-campaign might entail. There might even be a call for remote volunteers to make campaign decisions back in the capital.