Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Hearts Of Recycled Metals Are Our Men

 I dunno, that may be true, but I'm not sure it'll catch on as a song lyric........

Work is underway on a company of "Not Yet Royal" Marines and a naval landing party.

Given the amount of good work done by the 'not-yet-royal' marines during the French Revolution, I'm surprised at how hard it is to find uniform details. That they had white facings and wore standard infantry uniforms with bicornes at home is clear, but given the variety of modifications made for the line infantry and guards on campaign during the 1790's, I can't help thinking that the marines might also have adapted.

Since I don't want to make a master and a mould, even if I had the info, I turned to what moulds I had on hand that could be used for something that fit the images in my mind. The head gear was easy since round hats of one sort or another were fairly common on campaign, especially in hot climates, and are also very suggestive of the period. Trousers of some sort were also common on campaign in the period but the image of later marines in breeches and gaiters is familiar and after looking at possible existing moulds I decide to go with breeches. I have no idea whether they were wearing full coats or shorter coatees on board so I went with the new Prince August Austrian firing figures which have long but tighter and shorter than usual coats, and which I haven't used yet, except as samples! The waist coats are slightly long for the 1790's, but close enough for me to call "toy soldier!" rather than fixing them. I will file the tops of the gaitors off though. 

I'm also looking at a naval landing party, both a non-pirate gun crew and armed sailors but I'm not sure the latter will be done before the urge to play gets too strong.


So much for the future. Thank you to all who commented on the last few posts, they were appreciated even when I didn't reply due partly to intermittent internet access and partly to my focus of making the most of the rare family time with my elder sibs.


  1. Not catchy, but they look like they'll do the trick. I had forgotten that they weren't Royal yet!

  2. Excellent looking figures, coming along very nicely indeed! I look forward to seeing them in action…
    Alan Tradgardland

  3. I love posts like this, where you talk about your thought process on casting. It's one of the unique dimensions of "your" hobby, and something I look forward to in your blog.

    1. I'm sure many do it, but bloggers are..... well a relatively small proportion of the hobby these days.

  4. I think that, once done, they will nicely evoke both the era and unique look of marines (pre royal).

  5. Hearts of tin? Hearts of lead?