Saturday, August 6, 2022

Back To Twenty Twenty Two

In 2 weeks time, a group of old friends and maybe a newer friend or two  as well, are going to be playing a couple of games over three days. I'm planned to run at least one game but will pack an extra, just in case. 

Working out a simple meeting engagement with the latest tweak. 

My first choice for a game to run is 1/72nd ACW. The figures are light and easy to transport, I have enough for several gamers aside and the rules are of the simple sort and easy to pick up. I'll also bring along the 1790's troops though. I have time for two or my friends would prefer it.

The weather is supposed to go back to normal soon so a report on a playtest will follow soon. 


  1. Looking forward to hear about the games .

  2. Great to see you facing off for FTF gaming. Pack extra games just in case.

  3. A gaming retreat with old friends. What a fantastic way to wrap up the summer...and repeat once per season--it's good to be retired :)

    1. Well, one of the group only makes it back once a year, in non-covid years......... but we'll be making a weekend of it.

  4. Getting together with friends and playing toy soldiers…Hurrah!
    And with your lovely ACW collection….What’s not to like.

    All the best. Aly

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