Friday, August 12, 2022

Time To Reset

Well, this test game is never going to be played through, but I've gotten a lot of yardwork done, the rules have been rolled back to the regiment as unit but stand removal has been abolished to simplify play and speed the game, and enough turns played to convince me that it'll work. That is, it'll work if I end up running two games

As the sun began to go down, orders came to pullback for the night.

Now I need to start preparing for the French Revolution game that will be my main effort. 


  1. Yard work: blech! But being done is better than not, if it needed doing. Obviously, I am not among those for whom gardening is a rewarding diversion.

    1. To be honest, its taken more than 1/2 a century to appreciate having the place looking half...ok a quarter respectable, but things like munching on plums fresh off the tree a few minutes ago help, as does the positive effect on blood sugars, ticker and mobility.

  2. I agree with both sides of this argument really, gardening is just irritating manual labour to me, but having oranges, lemons apples and strawberries, in season, fresh from your own garden, is a nice experience . Fortunately, most of these do not take a huge amount of effort to grow....most of my garden time is taken up mowing bloody grass!