Thursday, June 9, 2011

Surplus To Requirements

Its the old story. A campaign comes to the end and soon, regiments are disbanded and the question arises of what is to be done with old soldiers who have done their duty but are no longer needed. I do know some wargamers who have never sold a figure but I'm not one of them. I'd have to expel my wife, my mother-in-aw and the dogs to make room if I was (, no, too late now, over the last 30 years  I've already sold off or given away probably twice as many figures as I still own, probably even broken even on materials.)  Anyway, I'm tired of being over crowded and of the clamour of aborted projects to be taken up again, so its time to cull the establishment again.

Now I am not above copying a good idea now and then, so I have added a link at the top of the page which will display any groups of figures which I have decided need to find a new home.  These will be listed on ebay in a few days time, but anyone who sees something of interest here that is not yet listed is welcome to contact me directly. For that matter, I need to reduce my figures by about 1/2 again, so while I'm not planning on selling everything and anything, if any one sees anything that they take a particular fancy too, (particular anything 54mm, 15mm, 25mm or chunky 40mm) feel free to leave a  comment or drop me an email at

First up, I've finally made a DBA army out of part of my old 15mm early 16thC Scots. $100?

and 2ndly, the first of my chunky 40mm Napoleonic/War of 1812 figures, the 95th Rifles. $50??

The 1837 King's Hussars will follow as soon as I turn them back into the Napoleonic French 4th which is basically a matter of plume and cords and colour of sheepskin.

A little annoyed at rebuilding 1812 yet again but I don't want mixed styles and the more I think of it, it makes even less sense to try and make up and pursue a new period just to avoid doing the one I want to do  in the style I want to do it.

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