Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Meanwhile, Back On Base....

 The reorg is well underway.

Black Watch on the right of the line as senior regiment (It was in the late 90's that I made the masters,  heavily converted for the F&IW in the late 90's, from a selection of Meisterzinn Napoleonic French bodies and muskets with LOTS of putty and with original heads, the first I had sculpted. ) Converted again for the French Revolution just before Covid hit.

The De Brouiller regiment we have seen (Meisterzinn bodies, my heads) but the sergeant with the colours was just painted today. 

These two battalions are on 6 figure "company" bases, 3 to a battalion ala Charge!. The Marines are on 4 man company bases. I was going to put them on 3 man bases and allow them to form up or deploy as skirmishers but I decided that the game will flow better if I put all the light troops on 4 man bases for easy recognition for new players. They can then count as infantry if formed up with bases touching or as light infantry if spread out. 

I've decided to go with the West Indies and Eguptian games, there is slightly more overlap of terrain and figures and something new for me. (well, new in 40mm anyway).

The exisring French and Turks are next then its back to painting more Turks, French, Royal Navy landing party and boat crews, as well as ex-slave guerillas. 3 months to go!


  1. Looking good!
    Always good to have some Scottish troops/troops in kilts.
    The whole picture gives me vibes of some of the old movies, such as Gunga Din, and even Laurel and Hardy's Beau Hunks and Bonnie Scotland. I know it's the wrong era and wrong location, but there's something there that puts me in mind of such films.

  2. Great looking set up. I look forward to following the progress…
    Alan Tradgardland