Thursday, January 26, 2023

Next Step

This whole French Revolution Revival, (My largest collection was 15mm Fr. Rev, now long gone.) began at the start of the century when I saw Rob Dean's homecast Scarlet Pimpernal collection based on converted Meisterzinn homecastings. My efforts kept getting put aside until they went into limbo, only to revive just before Covid hit and the border closed.......sighhhh.... but I persevered. Since Rob's figures were all singly based, I did the same but the larger my collection got, the more I remembered why I dislike single based arnies, even if movement trays are available. 

A formation of 3 troops of Mamlukes. I'm very pleased that the new recruits, painted with the new paints,  have fitted in seemlessly with the ones I painted last year.
Its more about the painter's style than the paints.)

Recently Rob decided to shut down his project and is arranging to have a mutual friend pass Rob's collection to me at Huzzah in May. (To help with storage on my end, I'm going to send back all of my Not Quite the Seven Years War Prince August units  to be donated to the HAWKS to use or gift as they like, keeping only figures suitable for the Quebec, Acadian and Louisbourg  campaigns). Yesterday I realized that this change in plans means that I don't have to stick with several hundred single figure armies but can go back to multifigure bases and the latest descendant of Hearts of Tin (nee  Morschauser Meets MacDuff  c2003-ish) on permanent (sic) bases rather than movement trays, thus not only speeding up gameplay but also reducing the shelf or travel space by 1/3. 

To make it easier to track hits, I'm adding little patches of long grass that will hold a small die.

Of course, this also means I need to add 2 figures to each of my infantry battalions.........