Wednesday, August 28, 2013


As the summer heat wanes slightly and painting become more possible, work on my 40mm fictional armies has stalled again over questions like unit organization and how many of which figures I need vs what it is I want to paintLuckily, the matter is not urgent and there are other things do do. 

The game tomorrow will be Memoir 44 but the first squadron of Scots Greys will report to Ron for basing and glossing.

The first Squadron of Ron's Scot's Greys are ready to be handed over and the second on their light grey/white horses is well under way. The Dapple Grey horses were fun but when I was blobbing paint onto the hats and saddle cloth, I couldn't help but remember the days when, with naked eye and steadier hand, I could paint a legible GR on a saddle cloth and a recognizable white horse, rose and thistle on a 15mm figure's cap. Oh well, once they are glossed they'll do fine. I imagined them charging Ron's Austrian Dragoons and rolled 5 Battlecry dice, 3 cavalry and a saber, they'll do!

Now I can get back to some early medieval/fantasy  figures for Prince Michael. I won't get enough done by this weekend for my full length adventure on a table game but Arthur's comment on Hook's Farm has given me some ideas which mean only slight changes to the table will be needed. A Romano-British famil in an isolated farm, a Saxon raiding party, a rescue expedition.....I could use an appropriately sized Roman Villa though.......... 


  1. You'll be using Battlecry for 18th century?

    Secondly - regarding the new look for the blog - where is Hector?

  2. We've played 4 or 5 18thC games so far this year, I only found 1 post though:

    Hector's missing?!!???? Are you viewing it on mobile perhaps?

  3. I'm viewing using a desktop computer and Hector is there looking over his troops.

    -- Jeff

  4. I checked on my laptop rather than my phone and Hector's back. Phew.

  5. Are they some conversions? It is stunning, how you get your ideas all the time! They look good - I will wait for some additions to them with impatience.

    1. No, nothing clever, these are plain old 25mm Minifigs from the last century that I painted for a friend. Mind you for a few years now I have been eyeing Prince August's old HE cavalry with carbine mold and thinking how nice they would look with grenadier caps.

  6. Jonathan Freitag:

    One of the many joys of our hobby: planning projects and making Wish Lists. Unit organizations, how many, in what combination, all devilishly simple and entertaining decisions to be made. These planning episodes can keep me working for days.

    (My apologies to Johnathon, comments on old posts are moderated and I accidentally clicked on the wrong button when trying to publish it.