Monday, August 12, 2013

25mm French Resistance: a Mini Marx Mystery

I have decided that the time has come for some much loved, little used childhood toys to go and give some joy and excitement to someone else. Amongst these are my tiny collection of 25/30mm mini-Marx playset figures and accessories, hard plastic French & Germans from WWI, knights and castle and soft plastic WWII.

A 25mm Marx German soldier from Over the Top and 5 French Resistance figures. I wonder if there used to be 6?

A lot of the figures and accessories  are broken or missing or repainted and I have no expectation of my bits and pieces being worth much but hopefully someone will be as pleased to get them as I was to get the Elastolins I had always wanted. Besides if they hang around I just know I'll be looking for compatible figures to make enough for wargaming and yes I have seen soft plastic copies of some of the WWII and alamo figures on ebay.

There is one mystery set though that I would love to ID, the internet having failed me. They were a stand alone set of painted hard plastic WWII French Resistance fighters. Painting, sculpting and size all match the Marx figures but they don't have the Marx logo and don't appear on any lists I've ever seen. There is a circular depression on the base but I cannot make out any mark. I'm guessing that they might be Blue Box only because I've heard that they did some compatible figures .
If anyone recognizes them and can suggest a source I would appreciate even an informed guess.

If anyone is interested in taking any of these before they hit ebay just email me at for more info on what I have.


  1. The French Resistance are by Blue Box...I'd be interested in the Over the Top stuff!


  2. Always sad to see old friends move away. It does mean you will have room for something else!

    1. Even the mental space it will free up is useful these days!

  3. Fine, spirited, Free Frenchies - if they're not spoken for, Ross, I'll give them a loving home.

  4. Always better to move something on to someone who will enjoy and appreciate it rather than leave it buried away in a cupboard. Spread the love.

    Best wishes, Brian

  5. Yes, I was ok with having them on a display shelf but back in a box in the cupboard is a waste and too often I find myself picturing someone having to clean up and dispose of my "things" 10 or 20 years from now. Still, after almost 50 years, they still make me smile and it will be a little like sending a kid out into the world.