Friday, March 24, 2023

For My Next Act

 This guy has nothing up his sleeve!

PA, new SYW general waving hat with sword arm replacing the hat arm, and a head from one of the Austrian light infantry moulds. The story of how an Austrian general came to command Mamlukes and camel guns might have been an interesting tale.


  1. This story exists. It is that of Omer Pasha; born Michel Latas in 1806 in Serbia dead in 1871 in Constantinople. Austrian officer accused of theft, he fled to Bosnia, went into the service of the Ottoman Empire. He will become general, governor and minister of war.

    The novel of his life will give birth to a television series of 13 episodes.

    Don't pay the DVD, the view is free on internet. I don"t know if an english version exists.

    1. Merci. Je connais son nom mais c'est presque tout. Mon Pacha dois combat le jeune Bonaparte!

  2. “ I’m putting on my top hat…”
    Alan Tradgardland

  3. Nice conversion - does the job and looks good.