Sunday, July 8, 2012

Awaiting Officer's Call

Scruby 40mm 1812 figures with almost home made officer.

"There is the rank and file of the 89th Foot done", that's what I was about to write when I looked at the picture and saw that I missed the red on 6 plumes. Argh! Oh well, a moment's work to fix, slightly longer if I decide to retrofit wings and make them grenadiers instead. The officer on the other hand, still hasn't made it into a mold. I'm on my own next weekend so I should be able to make time for mold making and casting.


  1. They look great - delightful. The officer is a nice piece of work too - looking forward to seeing him finished.

    Your discovery of the unfinished plumes in your photo reminds me of an email I got from a Dutch correspondent after I sent him some pics of a Napoleonic battle I'd been playing. "I see the King's colour of one of the KGL units is upside down" - incredulous, I spent about an hour checking the pics, zoomed to hell, and found he was right. One of them is! - I wrote back, "The 2nd Bn KGL were well known for carrying their King's colour inverted after Talavera". After a month, he wrote back - "I checked carefully - I believe this is not true".

    Time to polish up the legend of the 89th's plumes. It will be all over the Net within a year.

    Nice job - I'd love to see some more posts on your carving and casting activities.

    Cheers - Tony

    1. Haven't been doing a lot of sculpting/casting lately. Mind you, if I'd had taken more pictures along the way I could have done a nice "how not to" article on the US officer.

      If I ever do the 2nd KGL, I will be sure to reverse the King's colour with a note that I read it on the internet.

  2. Stout lads - and all the more so for being your own creations.

  3. Oops, I'd better annotate the picture, these are off the shelf Scruby 40mm 1812 figures, my favorites and the inspiration for my own. Just the officer is mine, apart from his head, I borrowed a Scruby head so that he would match.