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Friday, November 16, 2012

An old saw (mill)

Last night's fox.

and the reason why I need sides around my table and should never go refill my tea mug mid-game.

Oh the humanity! Luckily they weren't Airfix.

More on the test game later. Back to the real table on the weekend. 


  1. Johnny won't be marching home again.

  2. I'll have to see if I can get him a stick and a glass eye.

    oh, well I guess he'll need a head too. Luckily the rest is just paint touch ups.

  3. Only one thing worse! .... spilling a bottle of India ink .... Jeff

  4. Only if I spilled it on an Iggy who was headed to a show.

  5. Good grief - what happened? - looks as if they were struck by lightning. Please describe the accident in your own words.

    1. Chomped by an Italian Greyhound. ( see ). Lila was sleeping in the chair when I slipped out to refill my cup and she was curled up in the chair when I got back 2 minutes later. Took me a minute to notice that she was chewing on something and that there was a stand missing. Small but strong prey instinct.

    2. Ross - My goodness - I feel maybe I should have deduced that from the post, but I missed it. The idea of having figures chewed is very disturbing - I've had small numbers of them dropped and (once) stood upon, but never chewed. That leads on to the very idea of having a dog - even a loved and trusted dog - in the same room as the soldiers, and I am feeling faint.

      Thank you for taking the trouble to describe this - I think there is a valuable H&S insight here for us all, not to mention possible risk to dogs. Where are my smelling salts?

    3. I often/usually game with a dog in the room but only occasionally with a full pack. (and never play with a full deck) however in 36 years this is only the 2nd casualty so its within my acceptable loss estimation, I've probably stepped on more. The last time was Lila's great, great,great, great,great,great grandmother Raisin when she was about the same age.

  6. You either like your tea seriously hot or seriously strong to melt that poor guy!

  7. Apparently canine tooth enamel is harder than plastic.