Tuesday, March 20, 2012

and the first thoughts of a new day.

I would really like to find a way to do this without changing existing firing/melee mechanisms but without  needing rosters by any other name. There have been a lot of good ideas fed into the idea grinder and here is another experimental sausage coming  out for tasting. I actually nibbled on it last night,  but have adjusted the spices slightly and hope to have a proper taste later today or tomorrow. (depends partly on whether or not I go to Mars tonight.)

1. Each unit has a morale value, this being what was used last year: Militia 1, Regulars 2, Elites 3.

2. Whenever a unit or group takes hits, for each multiple of its morale one stand is disordered.  (this is going to be harder to explain than it will be to do, essentially dividing hits by the morale and dropping fractions). Remainders are dropped not tracked. A disordered stand will have to be marked in some fashion, a bead, a cap, a small marker die, turn it around, put a casualty behind it etc.

3. If all the stands in a unit/group are disordered, each subsequent disorder will force the permanent removal of a stand.

4. When a unit rallies, a successful roll will remove 1 disorder marker.

5. A disordered stand is -1 for shooting and melee.

I think I'll start with the ACW.


  1. Ross,
    Doesn't rule #4 give the advantage to smaller units who can remove all of their D markers more quickly than a larger unit?
    You might mitigate that somewhat by allowing 1 die roll per morale point, so an Elite has the chance or removing 3 D markers. Or you could allow a single roll per D marker, with the odds adjusted to favor the higher morale units.

    Fascinating stuff.

  2. Hmm possibly, one roll per stand might make sense.hmmm

    Not sure I want elite troops to both be harder to hit and harder to rally but I've been worried that militia are too easy to hit and elites too hard. Switching the morale bonus/penalty back to the rally roll where it originally was would make even more sense and make determining hits on groups easier.

  3. Ross,

    I also wondered about the rallying question. A unit with 3 disordered stands will (on average) take 6 turns to rally them off (50% chance) . . . that is if it is left undisturbed. Add to that the time it will take to withdraw and then get back into the action and rallying disorders off becomes fairly pointless.

    You do also realize, I hope, that you will need two different die colors to roll for a unit's good and disordered stands.

    -- Jeff

  4. Still working on the rallies, I admit that I found it annoying to roll once for the command roll then again for the rally but maybe dicing per stand as suggested by John might alleviate that.

    Yes didn't take long to run into the 2 dice or 2 sets of throws, luckily I usually have a mix of red and white available. The question was is it worth it?