Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bridge over the River Howe

March has been drier and warmer than usual and the Federal Army has managed to throw a pontoon bridge over the River Howe.  The Mars expedition is off for tonight so a small game is on. The Rebs have 8 regiments and 4 guns to over run 4 regiments and 2 guns before reinforcements can tip the balance. (8 more regiments and 2  more guns)

Due to the delicate nature of the bridge. Only 1 regiment can cross per turn. The earthworks are hasty in nature and count as cover not fortifications.

Federal Victory requires them to clear a road exit.
Confederate victory requires elimination of the bridgehead.
Any other result will be a stalemate.


  1. Glad to hear you're not on Mars Ross! I shall look forward to the progress of this game.

  2. It looks fine...waiting next post.

  3. Hi Ross

    Looking forward to how it plays, the Yanks don't have a lot of room.

    Rule thought: instead of disorder per stand how about marking the unit. A unit can only have a max number of disorder markers equal to the number of stands a unit currently has. Each additional disorder eliminates a stand. This way you can eliminate a disorder modifier, and needing two different dice and gives more options on how to mark disorder (a die per unit, marker per stand, drummer with marker per unit, etc).

    If I understand/read Rally correctly a unit that is issued a Rally order may not move but can fire normally. I see two lines of infantry firing away and each turn they get Rally orders to remove disorder markers. Probably not a bad reflection of what happened in reality. But it does sound like it could slow down the game.

    The other place I see Rally being a factor is after Melee. After losing melee or pursuing a unit must Rally before being allowed any order other than Rally or Retreat. I didn't see any term you used to refer to these units, and it seems that a Rally from disorder from shooting may not be the same as recovering from melee.


  4. Hi Dave, I seem to have lost my first answer. Very strange.

    I did worry about the rally vs shooting question but every thing I've treid so far has caused other problems but I think I have it licked with the new shaken rule that will force units to retreat at some point. Add in the difficulty of actually rallying under fire and the need sometimes to move and so far it seems ok.

    Odd you should mention tracking hits per unit again instead of marking stands, It took me until the last turn of the game to figure that out. Turns out all I had to do earlier was fix the fire chart and drop the number of hits per unit back down again.

    I hear you on the melee question. At the moment units defeated in melee can only be ordered to retreat or rally, I'm not sure its enough historically but I'm pretty sure I don't want to chase that farther.