Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick, A Reference!

Just a  quick post  to announce that a Quick Reference Sheet is now available for Hearts of Tin thanks to the good work of The Blue Bear of Saxe Bearstein himself.   I took the liberty to update it with the very latest tweaks, then thanks to the magic of find/replace  I converted a copy to inches at 1"=25 yards and did another for skirmish games in case I do another. They are all loaded into 1 doc, just print the page that suits you.

Not only has Jeff saved me the work of putting one together, any changes will now have to be made in 4 places which means they can't be done lightly!!

Thanks Jeff!


  1. Thank you very much to both, this is a very usefull addition.
    Regards, Cesar.

  2. That's very useful, thanks.

    As for the suggestion that the relative complexity of updating the QRSs might inhibit future revisions, well I doubt it :-)

  3. Dear Ross,

    I have been following your blog but lurking for some time now. Full marks for joining the elite ranks of chaps who have produced models of comedy wagon-mounted mortars. Here is my own effort showing the inevitable consequences of a shotgun wedding between large calibre ordnance and inadequate suspension. My compliments to your Master Founder of Ordnance and his Carriage Maker :O) (picture at the bottom of the page)

    Kind regards, Chris

  4. Thanks Chris, some nice modelling there!

    That very subject has been on my mind, the planned ordinance was to be swivel guns until I looked in the spares box. Some from of Congreve rockets came to mind. Once the idea of a land bomb ketch occurred it seemed reasonable as a goal but it looked pretty flimsy once assembled. I thought I had a big pair of thick 54mm plastic WWI howitzer steel wheels,but they would have look out of place and needed a better frame than a wooden wagon anyway.

    My only hope of plausibility at this point is some sort of steam punk shock absorbing hydraulic mechanism or the sudden flash that I might be able to fashion 40mm swivel guns from 25mm cannon.