Friday, September 21, 2012

Battle of Wentworth Pass - Teaser

The Dowager-Queen's Army waits. The Light Infantry on the tray at the back of the table aren't really there. They are secretly lurking in a wood elsewhere on table. Shhhhhh..

Scenario 1 from Wargames for All Ages by Stuart Asquith and Charles Grant. When push came to shove, despite rumors, the old King's & Royal Companies remained loyal so the Queen's army consists of: The Queen's Germans, Capt. Picard's Company of Pensioners, The St. Lambert Militia, the St. Lambert Volunteers Light Infantry and a gun of the Foot Artillery.  Having noticed once again that Army Commanders are allowed a cavalry escort, half a squadron of Carabiniers has been assigned to General Bothwell until a permanent escort is raised.


  1. Just checking I've got this right. So this is Blue force for 'Attack On A Prepared Position" using Charge!? With three 30ish-man line regiments, about 15 light infantry and a one-gun battery?

    Haven't played the scenario myself, interested to see how it goes.

    1. Yes, yes and sort of. I took the 3 scenario units as 3 x 70 pts = 210 then using standard charge companies organized as per the campaign setting came up with:

      Queen's Regiment (2 companies) 2/3 x 150 = 100 pts
      Pensioners (1 company) 1/3 x 150 = 50 pts
      Militia Battalion = 65 pts

      For a total 215 pts. Including officers etc it comes to about 90 figures in 3 units but 40, 20 and 30 respectively.

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  3. The Queen's secret is safe with me. Table and troops look good - I do like the old school hills.


    1. They fit the semi-flats particularly well. This are all off-cuts from having shortened my shelves 2 years a go. There are some not quite square ends which can make assembling multi-piece hills a bit of a bugger. Something for the winter.