Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Pleasant Valley morning

Ahh, a quiet summer morning in Pleasant Valley, Faraway. The horse are being led down to the river, a courier has arrived with morning dispatches from Head Quarters, the local populace is about their business under the watchful eye of the Queen's soldiers.

But who is that lean and hungry looking fellow on a distant hilltop, eyeing the cattle?  

Looks an Oberhilse Frontier Light Horseman to me.

It occurred to me today,  while casting about for a skirmishy type of scenario, that while my initial mission was to play all of the TT Teasers published in Battlegames Magazine, I have in fact played only one of them in the intervening 2 years.


  1. Well you've got a whole string of Teasers left to play (I think that BG's up to about 20-25 now).



  2. Watch those chaps, they're distinctly shifty.