Saturday, February 18, 2012

A campaign of positions

OK, here we are, for Jeff (or any one else) a Horse and Musket campaign using Programmed Wargame Scenarios. The basic idea is that the armies will jockey  for position until one is thoroughly defeated or the two armies are exhausted.

Each side picks 15 units as their campaign army. For this purpose, all units are equal and of average type. For every 2 units upgraded to Guard, Heavy artillery, horse artillery, cuirassiers, etc what ever fits, a 3rd unit must be removed. For every 2 units downgraded to militia or similar, a 3rd militia unit may be added.   This force is the pool from which you draw  units from for the campaign. If your rules/army organization don't match the lists in the scenario book, you will have to work out your own way to equate your troops to scenario units.

For any given scenario you may only use as many units as the scenario calls for. If you do not have enough of a certain troop type then you can substitute what you do have. If you do not have enough units left then you must do your best with what you have. Any units that are routed, destroyed or lose over 50% are removed from the campaign list. Whether or not you wish to replace some or all other losses is up to you and the rules you use.

The campaign begins with a clash of advance guards: Scenario 11 Crossroads. If the game is a draw, then dice off to determine who becomes the defender for the next scenario.

The loser of the 1st game will fall back to a defensive position of his choosing. He must choose one of:: Scenarios 1,2,3,5,6,7,8 or  9 with himself as defender and the winner of the previous game as attacker. If the defender wins or draws or if the attacker concedes without playing then the former attacker will fall back, become the defender and must choose a scenario as above. No scenario may be chosen more than once during the campaign.  If there are no scenarios left then the campaign is a draw.

If the attacker wins one of these scenarios, then he will win the campaign but the degree of victory will be determined by the last game. Play Scenario 4, Holding Action with the previous defender as the holding force. If the holding force wins or ties then the campaign is a minor victory for the attacker. If the rearguard loses then the defeated army is crushed by the pursuit and the campaign is a major victory.


  1. Thank you, sir. I have posted a link to this page on my blogs, Ross. It is on a page with all of the other mini-campaign submissions.

    -- Jeff

  2. This looks like an excellent way to try out HofT.


    1. It could definitely give the rules a much needed work out and trial.

  3. Ross Mac,

    I like the way you have set up this mini campaign and I look forward to seeing the way it unfolds.

    All the best,