Viewer's Choice Celebration MiniCampaign

It has now been over 20 years since I launched "With MacDuff On the Web" and nearly 10 years since I launched my 2 blogs: Gathering of Hosts and Battle game of the Month.

To celebrate the years and the friends and the million hits I've decided to run a 3 game mini-campaign in late October. By popular vot e it will be set in the mid 18th Century.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Comox Valley Campaign

A few days ago, BlueBear Jeff issued a challenge to make a simple campaign based on Scenarios for Wargames. I've been out sailed by a Random Wargamer and a One Armed Admiral but  there appears to room to squeeze by close to shore for someone with a shallow draft.

Knowing that Jeff & I both have Colonial as well as Horse & Musket forces, I've planned this as a Colonial Campaign but it could as easily fit various Ancient Settings.  Jeff asked for simple, so I'm not even going to track losses, instead I am going with a flow chart idea. The first scenario is common, but after that each player has a list of scenarios.  No scenario may be played twice.If a player wins a battle,  the next game on his list will be the game played. The first player to play and win his final game, wins the campaign. In the case of a draw, or if a winner has no more games in his list then players will go to a series of neutral games.  If a player wins the final Neutral game, he wins the campaign. The campaign could be over in as few as 3 games or could drag for a maximum of 7 games plus a mini-mini-campaign.

Since rules and available forces vary with who is playing it I have just described the opposing forces as Imperial and Native. They could be British and Pathans, Romans and Brigantes or whoever you choose. The assumption is that each unit is of roughly equivalent fighting power rather than equal numbers. If not adjust the force levels to compensate. For MacDuff in the 1880's I might go with 6 man Imperial companies with 1 gun or MG per "battery" (ie 1/2 what the scenario spceifies), 12 man Native spear units or 6 native rifle or cavalry. In any case, if the army does not use units of a given type (eg cavalry if using Zulu's) just substitute whatever makes sense.

The basic translation of scenario units is:
Infantry = regular infantry of the appropriate type.
Light Infantry = Native Auxiliaries
Light Cavalry = Irregular Cavalry, Volunteers etc
Heavy Cavalry = Regular cavalry
Artillery = Artillery or MG.

Infantry = Spear or swordsmen
Light Infantry = Riflemen
Light Cavalry = native cavalry if any
Heavy Cavalry = more spearmen
Artillery = more riflemen or an old cannon if appropriate.

Starting the campaign. The Comox Valley has been quiet of late so the Governor has decided to go on a tour of the frontier guarded by a small escort.

Play Scenario 30 Ambush (1) Natives are "Red"

If the winner of any game is the Native player, play the next game in this list of 2 scenarios. If no scenarios are left go to the next Neutral scenario.

1. The Natives are elated by their success and decide to cross the river and invade Imperial Territory.
Play Scenario 4. Holding Action (2) Natives are "Red".

2. A small Imperial Garrison is all that stands between the settlements in the Comox Valley and an invading horde. Play Scenario 13 Last Stand. Natives are "Blue".
If the natives win, they fan out gathering cattle, pillaging and burning as they go. They have won the campaign. If the Imperials win or the game is a draw, their staunch defense has dismayed the enemy, go to the next Imperial scenario.

If the winner of any game is the Imperial Player, play the next game in this list of 2 games. If no scenarios are left go to the next Neutral scenario.

1. The Natives must be punished. A punitive expedition heads towards their homeland.
Play Scenario 3. Holding Action (1).Imperials are "Red"

2.  A small force has pushed ahead to outflank the native defences.
Play Scenario 34 Swampland Action. Imperials are "Red"
If the Imperials win, they will confiscate cattle, burn crops and destroy all the surrounding villages. They have won the campaign. If the Natives win, go to the next game on the Native list.


If any game is a draw or if a player has run out of scenarios without winning the campaign then play the next game in this list.

1. The situation is unsettled. The Imperials are trying to consolidate their position and prepare for a long campaign. Play Scenario 32 Convoy (1) Wagon Train. Imperials are "Blue".

2. The situation is out of hand. The Settlers will have to be evacuated until a major expedition can be launched. Play Scenario 33 Convoy (2) Evacuation. Imperials are "Blue".
This scenario is really a mini-campaign within a mini-campaign and the result will decide the campaign. Winner takes all. (If this one is too ambitious, play number 42 Advance Column with the Imperials as Red  as a tie breaker.)

Hmm, I think I'd like to play this myself. I'll have to start planning.


  1. Thanks, Ross. I was thinking of mid-18th century Horse & Musket . . . but, as you say, I DO have Colonials and this sounds like a lot of fun.

    I hope that you've had a good time putting it together . . . it seems like it.

    -- Jeff

  2. Nice work Ross - I need to be quicker out of the blocks.

    1. Hares and Tortoises. I'm looking forward to seeing your entry

  3. Ross,

    I'd also like to challeng you to see about coming up with a "Horse & Musket" (ala NQSYW) mini-campaign using Grant's "Programmed Scenarios for Wargames" for those who play solo.

    -- Jeff

    1. Jeff, I did enjoy doing this. Strictly speakimg there is no reason why it can't be played through with Horse & Musket forces, that's how the scenarios are written. However, over the weekend I will tackle the Programmed Scenario version.

  4. Ross, so far it has been interesting to see how differently people are putting together these mini-campaigns.

    I'm sure that they will provide a number of us with an easy and interesting set of linked scenarios that will give us a nice set of table top actions . . . and with very few "even" fights.

    Next week I hope to post a "summary" of all that have been submitted by then.

    -- Jeff

  5. Excellent - like that.... may have to dust off the Sudanese!

  6. Ross

    Good work - I may dust off the Wascanastan forces for this one!