Monday, February 20, 2012

Halt! Advance one and be recgonised!

"Easy there Cap'n! Don't shoot! We heard there was trouble brewing on the frontier so some of the boys thought we'd volunteer to come down, see if you could use a hand. You kin call us the Lafayette County Rifles."

The Light Company practices the drill for deploying as skirmishers.

Say what you will, there is satisfaction to be had from conscripting your own peasants and turning them into soldiers, or from hiring mercenaries but there is nothing quite like the excitement and pleasure of the arrival of a band of volunteers.

A BIG thank you to the talented and generous John Bertolini for this regiment of homecast Volunteers formed of his own sculpting in the German toy soldier mode  (click here to see some of John's soldiers in action on Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog ).  John has provided a volunteer with a master pattern uniform, spot on for a US volunteer unit of the 1840's right down to the shape of the shako so equally eligible for service in Oberhilse or the US.

Can't wait to get the tailor started on uniforming the rest so I can get them into action.


  1. Ross,

    Hard to resist the temptation of painting one to see how they're going to look, eh ? John B. is a sculptor of more than a little talent. I quite like his homegrown figures.

    I look forward to seeing the finished unit.


  2. I really like John figures. He has a very personal sculpting style.
    I hope this unit became part of the Blue Army.
    Regards, Cesar.