Thursday, February 23, 2012

Maneuvering around Disorder

Thank you to all for the input. Looking closely at the various causes, I realized that only 1 still meant what I used to mean by disorder: troops defeated in melee. So, I renamed Disorder to "Maneuvering" and  moved it to the movement section. Of course this rippled through the melee results but I have been really uncomfortable with the current penalties as they seemed too severe for a narrow loss. I backed thing out to a turn your back and retreat and increased the penalties for being caught by pursuit. I also decided that since squares were a special case, I should just treat them as such rather than trying to fit them in to the general case. Odd how saying what you mean is sometimes an easier more direct way of dealing with things.

I'm now pondering whether I should write a separate design notes section or just add a few more commenst through the rules, once I get a quick reference sheet done?

So lots of rewording in the lastest draft as I keep trying to fine tune imbedded design notes and explanations as well as the rules them selves but the small melee tweaks are the main ones. I REALLY need to play about 5 games as is.


  1. I'd like to see a collected Design Notes section rather than comments throughout the rules. A reference sheet will be a great help. I'm playing my second game of HofT and am still making some mistakes in play, so a short reference will help quite a bit.

    1. Heck, I still make mistakes (which is one of the issues). Quick reference is next. Design notes later.

  2. If you need to play about five games to see if it is in the shape you want, Ross . . . then play 5 games.

    You could even try one of the mini-campaigns linked on my website so that you get a variety of situations.

    Just remember to take photos and share your comments with us.

    -- Jeff

  3. I'm anxioussly waiting for those test games, with all the resulting photographs, thoughts and comments.
    It's allways a pleasure to visit your Blog!